Zur Zeit sind neue Songs in Arbeit und ein nneues Alum Erste Titel wurden im September 2018 aktuell in Berlin produziert....

Konzert in der Kulturkirche Altona 2016

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Ausverkauft Hamburg, 28th of Nov 2015

Feb 2015


27th 2015 Nov Hamburg GOLDBEKHAUS

08th 2015 May Greifswald at Sotano!!!




Bei der Arbeit...


MAY 2013

Show recorded in a bike shop!! in Lübeck April 2013. Watch the entire video in VIDEO-Section

MAY 2013:

Tonight is my one on one interview with the one and only writer, composer, producer and recording artist Guido Goh. He is very candind and revealing. His music has been enjoyed throughout greater Europe.With his unique and extraordinary voice there is simply no one like him.

Join me now for our talk..... (continue reading by downloading the pdf) 


The Complete Interview with Guido Goh as PDF
GG Interview Alison .pdf
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December 2012

There I met Academy Award winner, singer and songwriter Glen Hansard in Hamburg. He really is a nice guy and it was fun to talk to him!! I met him before his Hamburg show in the afternoon in December 2012.

November 2012

Inga Rumpf and myself rehearsing for a show in the "Auferstehungs Kirche". What an amazing musician!

November 2010

Guido Goh signing CD's and DVD's after a show in Alfeld!